What is PM2.5

Data Visualization

Sensor Dashboard Powered by Grafana

The dashboard presents aggregated data available over the last 24 hours.
To see the sensor data from a particular device, click the title of the dashboard will show up a search field. Type the device ID to search.
To query the historical data, click the top-right corner of the dashboard to select the desired time range.

Professional Diagram

The Voronoi Diagram

In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram Wiki Logo is a partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to points in a specific subset of the plane.

The IDW Diagram

Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) Wiki Logo is a type of deterministic method for multivariate interpolation with a known scattered set of points.

g0v Air Pollution Map

The g0v Realtime Air Pollution Map was developed by g0v.tw open government. This site presents the geo-location and PM2.5 real-time data of all the PM2.5 stations.

Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW)
Animation in last 24 hours

IDW Animation (Taiwan)

→ Taiwan (Overall)

The IDW animation for Taiwan in last 24 hours.
 Updated every 1 hour.
IDW Animation (Taipei)

→ Taipei

The IDW animation for Taipei in last 24 hours.
 Updated every 1 hour.
IDW Animation (Taoyuan)

→ Taoyuan

The IDW animation for Taoyuan in last 24 hours.
 Updated every 1 hour.
IDW Animation (Taichung)

→ Taichung

The IDW animation for Taichung in last 24 hours.
 Updated every 1 hour.
IDW Animation (Tainan)

→ Tainan

The IDW animation for Tainan in last 24 hours.
 Updated every 1 hour.

Open Data API

JSON Format API for All Available Sensors (Updated Every 5 Minutes)

Latest data for a Sensor

Last 7 Days' data for a Sensor

Data in a Specific Date for a Sensor

Data Analysis Results (Updated Every 5 Minutes)

The followings are based on IIS-NRL algorithms.

Device Status Statistics

Numbers for Historical Online Devices

Total Number of Devices

Sinica MAPS





g0v Indie/ProbeCube



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